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The Hopeful HeartSong Workshops and Retreats

(Time options for presentations will be 2 hours to full day workshops . Each theme can also be a full weekend retreat.)

1. Renew Your Purpose — Your True Colors Shining!


Inspired by Paul’s song, “A New Box of Crayons”, this workshop will tune up your energy and guide you back on the track of living your with gusto!  We will explore ways to reconnect to our authentic selves, talents  and find balance and joy in our daily lives. A fun and meaningful time to regain perspective and recommit to your inner strengths and God given gifts. This is a day of renewal on many levels and will engage your hearts, minds, spirit and spiritual vision for a happier life. 


2. Hopeful HeartSong Workshop  


This healing and musical time integrates a sampling of the different workshops providing a retreat using song, sound therapy techniques, prayer, meditation, laughter and special performance pieces by Paul.  This offering brings together not only music and song but time for self renewal and some personal and spiritual exploration that will enrich and renew your steps. It’s the combo platter of music, personal renewal and a Hopeful Heart Song.


3. I Choose Peace- A Time to Heal


This special program will be provide a balm of serenity for the spiritual traveler, a healing time of renewal and hope. Sometimes we disconnect from our heart and spirit and God because of loss, stress, disappointments or just daily routines. Paul will weave songs of the heart and soul, share stories and signs of connections to our loved ones, insights and meditative prayer pauses, inviting us to be open to hope. A time of gentle but profound renewal.


Artwork by Gilbert Lamm |

4. Sing Out Loud! Songs for a Happier Day


Music is healing. It opens our hearts and spirits and gets us breathing and singing a joyful sound. Join Paul in this enjoyable and hopeful time of singing as we sing all types of songs, and use simple exercises with sound to relax and unwind, and even have a few quiet moments to connect to the God centering place within.  No pressure, no performance requirements. We will sing and see where it leads!


5. Help Is On The Way!
Care for the Caregiver and Over-Committed!


This is a time of renewal and self care for those who care for others all the time. If you say “I never have time for myself,” then this workshop is for you.  Learn new survival skills and practice self care while setting boundaries so you can “give care” with renewed perspective and balance. Explore strategies to surf the rougher days with moments of peace while keeping the pieces together.


6. The Landscape of Grief


Grief and loss affects us all at some time in our lives. When it does, even if expected, can bring us into an uncharted territory and leave us searching for a new normal. This workshop  will provide a perspective on the grief journey  and offer insights as well as supportive tools for facing loss and transition.


 This workshop is for all who want to better understand the faces of grief as well as be open on how to support others during this time.  Integrating  music, stories, education, humor, and a spirituality of hope, Mr. Alexander helps us find a purpose and connection to what really matters in this universal experience.


7. Facing the Holidays Following a Loss
    (A Gentle Christmas)


The Christmas and Holiday Season , although a time of joy and happiness for many, can present a unique challenge to the bereaved. They can accentuate grief responses and leave the bereaved worried on how to get through the season.


This workshop will leave you with twelve strategies and suggestions to support and help guide you. Music for the heart and spirit with inspirational stories will  help you find permission and gentle strength to make choices which serve your healing.


Please visit for grief support workshops and music resources.

Songs for A Happier Day DVD and Love is Love CD


Paul's new project features the title song, Love is Love is Love, written by Julie Gold best known for From A Distance, which celebrates love through one healing heart.


With heartfelt emotional vocals and a pop country feel, the inspiring ballad, The Serenity Prayer, encourages us all to to accept the things we cannot change and wisdom to make the right decisions.


I Breathe In Love is a musical retreat calming and calling us to the present moment.


With a cover of the classic song, Sing, Paul's voice resonates with this refreshing arrangement of a classic song. This CD continues to guide us forward as we seek to reclaim the joy of life even after the hardest times!


Order online at

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