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The Hopeful HeartSong Concerts


Concert /mission options  run from an hour to an hour and a half  depending on the format and parish needs and may be offered in 3-day Lenten Missions or Parish Renewals. It also may be presented in conjunction with a healing prayer service or with options for receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation and Healing Prayer Circles.

1. God of  Hope,  God of Love,  God of Grace 


 This special program of music, healing and inspiration, humor, and gentle compassion integrates songs of faith , prayer and upliftment  weaved with stories of a very real  personal God.  Paul’s relevant  message  touched with  a spirituality of hope celebrates the active presence of the Spirit in our everyday lives. The  experience opens all  to trust even when coping with the challenges  we face. The music and message will guide you to listen and discern  with wisdom  while being receptive to the  GOD signs and  grace  moments that surround us.


2. Music of the Healing Heart 


Join us for this special program of hope, healing and inspiration.  Integrating song, the spoken word, humor and a spirituality of hope, Mr. Alexander will help us see God in ordinary and not so ordinary events along the way. Opening our hearts to prayer, trust and  a awesome belief in the power and love of God you will be renewed by the integration of song, storytelling and a heart filled with love and hope. Paul will share songs that will enrich your heart  and open your spirit to live your life fully.For those in search of the healing power of God you will hear testimony to a love that never ends. This evening is for everyone and will open your hearts and spirits to what really matters in life.


3. Concert of Hope


Sharing songs, stories, inspirational meditations, and insights from his experience in ministering to the bereaved this widely requested program awakens hope and compassion. With a warm, sensitive and endearing style and an appropriate sense of humor, Paul creates a safe harbor where healing can begin. His intention is evident through his sensitive and caring approach where his voice and music work together to honor the loss, uplift the spirit and help listeners be enriched by the love and lives we have known. With lyrics from the heart, each note breaks through to the soul. It is impossible to escape the strength of this mans' song and spirit. This frequently requested program awakens hope and compassion, while teaching and giving people the tools and resources to face their own hurts.


“Paul Alexander’s evening of prayer and song strengthened people’s faith as they connected with his personal story  and the songs that accompanied his life’s journey. The reactions of the congregation were very positive! I can surely recommend this presentation."


—Fr. Bob Hayden

    Pastor/St. William the Abbot/Seaford, NY


“In the course of our busy lives, we need to take time to heal our hearts and enrich our mind and spirit. Paul’s rich history as musician and social worker weaved with his faith creates a program with which we all related. His program was exuberant in sharing God’s healing power.”         


—Andrea Gunther

    Parishioner/Holy Trinity Church/Whitestone, NY

Please visit for grief support workshops and music resources.

Please visit for grief support workshops and music resources.

Songs for A Happier Day DVD and Love is Love CD


Paul's new project features the title song, Love is Love is Love, written by Julie Gold best known for From A Distance, which celebrates love through one healing heart.


With heartfelt emotional vocals and a pop country feel, the inspiring ballad, The Serenity Prayer, encourages us all to to accept the things we cannot change and wisdom to make the right decisions.


I Breathe In Love is a musical retreat calming and calling us to the present moment.


With a cover of the classic song, Sing, Paul's voice resonates with this refreshing arrangement of a classic song. This CD continues to guide us forward as we seek to reclaim the joy of life even after the hardest times!


Order online at

The Mercy Song - Paul Alexander
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