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Paul Alexander is a singer, songwriter, social worker, psychotherapist, liturgical musician, performing and recording artist who has shared his music and message throughout the country in churches, conferences, theatres and retreat settings.


With a 20-year ministry to the bereaved and those who serve and healing programs of he continues his ministry though music and inspiration calling on his Catholic roots and years of service in the church. He offers a voice of hope urging all to listen and feel the power of God very active in our lives. For many years Paul considered priesthood as a vocation attending Cathedral Prep Seminary and receiving a B.A in Religious Studies at LeMoyne College.  Listening to his inner voice he chose a unique combination of several paths that now become reflected in a musical journey of hope, healing and grace.


With a rich experience as a singer and vocalist it is the integration of the sung and spoken word which give Paul’s program a special power and purpose. His faith and peaceful healing heart is reflected in the stories and music that will enrich your lives with strength, hope and renewed vision. With a contemporary musical sound that reflects years of training and love of singing, Mr. Alexander brings a soulfulness to every word you hear. With deep faith, caring sense of humor, and a spirituality of hope you will easily hear his abiding belief in God’s loving grace and presence in our lives. 


Paul’s rich musical background is reflected in the songs he shares, both in style, sound and texture. With a refreshing offering of music that combines a unique presentation of liturgical and Catholic favorites, as well as original songs that uplift, inspire and cause us to pause in prayer and reflection.  The power of faith and trust are reflected in Always There and If You Knew while his spiritual joy and sense of humor reflected in Please Send Me An Angel. The Serenity Prayer inspired by the prayer known by many, echo the prayerful heart and compassionate purpose in his music.  Paul shares some familiar songs as well to reflect the many years of his liturgical experience and to underscore our importance as a faith community.


His hope and prayer is that in the words and music the hand of God and breath of the Holy Spirit will touch the hurting places, open the heart to joy and guide you to live with authentic vision and hope.


Paul’s concert programs are ideal for a one night offering any time of year, or as a 3-night mission or mini-retreat. The unique integration of music and the spoken word with a warm and personable style bring a new voice to your options for parish and spiritual renewal.


For information on booking a concert or workshop event, email or call (800)538-4158 or (917)226-5034.


Paul will work with your budget needs to offer a program to your parish, group or special event.

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Songs for A Happier Day DVD and Love is Love CD


Paul's new project features the title song, Love is Love is Love, written by Julie Gold best known for From A Distance, which celebrates love through one healing heart.


With heartfelt emotional vocals and a pop country feel, the inspiring ballad, The Serenity Prayer, encourages us all to to accept the things we cannot change and wisdom to make the right decisions.


I Breathe In Love is a musical retreat calming and calling us to the present moment.


With a cover of the classic song, Sing, Paul's voice resonates with this refreshing arrangement of a classic song. This CD continues to guide us forward as we seek to reclaim the joy of life even after the hardest times!


Order online at

The Mercy Song - Paul Alexander
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