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Life doesn’t need to be complicated. Yet we also have the capacity to move

forward guided by grace and wisdom even following the hardest times.




















The Hopeful HeartSong Series offers opportunities for personal growth with creative, prayerful and life renewing programs. Paul Alexander, LSCW, B.A. Religious Studies and singer, songwriter, psychotherapist presents programs of hope and healing which invite and guide us to live fully while honoring the gifts and purpose with which we have been blessed.  


The Hopeful HeartSong Workshops, Concerts and Retreats encourage you to live

and sing out loud while honoring  an authentic  life of hope , joy and purpose.










What participants have said:


He offered experience and knowledge in a very inviting manner.


How about a whole weekend?  Paul had a great presentation.

It was a real heart opener.


The music, and presentation was just what I needed today!


Very compassionate, talented  and therapeutic.


Relaxed and informative, awareness of life with God! Nothing needs to be changed.


It was great! Open, honest, helpful and helped us become aware of deeper areas of ourselves.


With his gifts of song, and speech he entertained us and kept us moving, thinking and sharing.


It really helped me with priorities. Paul was really moving and really connected with the audience.




Paul Alexander was excellent. He has a true gift. I think I now can face my inner fear.


Please visit for grief support workshops and music resources.

Songs for A Happier Day DVD and Love is Love CD


Paul's new project features the title song, Love is Love is Love, written by Julie Gold best known for From A Distance, which celebrates love through one healing heart.


With heartfelt emotional vocals and a pop country feel, the inspiring ballad, The Serenity Prayer, encourages us all to to accept the things we cannot change and wisdom to make the right decisions.


I Breathe In Love is a musical retreat calming and calling us to the present moment.


With a cover of the classic song, Sing, Paul's voice resonates with this refreshing arrangement of a classic song. This CD continues to guide us forward as we seek to reclaim the joy of life even after the hardest times!


Order online at

The Mercy Song - Paul Alexander
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